Reading and Math Assessment

You are encouraged to take free ACT WorkKeys Applied Math and ACT WorkKeys Workplace Documents practice tests.

Practice Test Instructions Online Testing

Taking a Practice Test

Taking practice tests will enable you to become familiar with the types of questions that will be asked, the length of the test, and the features and tools of the test platform. Upon completion, you will receive a basic score summary.

System Requirements

For the most up-to-date system requirements, go to: WorkKeys System Requirements

Create an ACT WorkKeys Practice Test Account

1.Create an account at: Account Registration
2. Select Create an Account.
3. Complete the fields.
4. Select the Continue button to advance to the next screen.

Register for a Practice Test

1.Log into your: WorkKeys Account
2. Sign in to your ACT WorkKeys Account.
The Home screen will appear.
3. On the Home screen, under Your Registrations, find Title – click a title for details, and click the Select a New Title button.
The Select New Title page opens with the three practice tests listed.
4. Register for a practice test by selecting the radio button beside its title, then click the Select button.
The system will only allow one selection at a time.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to register for additional practice tests.

Take a Practice Test

1. Go to Practice Assessment
2. Sign in to your ACT WorkKeys Practice Test Account.
The Home screen will appear.
3. On the Home screen, under Your Registrations, click the radio button beside the practice test title, then select the Launch button.
4. Set your browser to full screen by selecting the F11 button, and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
A test tutorial will appear. Once it is finished, the timed test will start, and your first question will appear.
5. Record your answer to each question by selecting the radio button beside a response, and then click Next to advance to the next question.
6. At the end of the practice test. select REVIEW MY ANSWERS to review (and change) your responses.
7. When ready, select CLOSE THIS SECTION to end the test and generate a score summary.
The score summary will appear on your screen.
8. Print the screen to save your score summary, if you want to save it. Practice test scores are not saved in the system.

What Workkey score are required to continue with the program

Only applicants achieving a score of 5/7 in math and 4/7 in reading or better will continue the process.)