Mechanical Trades Apprenticeship...

A Career in the making.

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& Steamfitters    Apprenticeship

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FREE training from instructors in the classroom and experts on the job.


$52,332+ Now in wages and benefits, while you’re in school, with FREE Tuition.  $133,400+ in 5 years at graduation.

The 5-year Apprenticeship Program gives you:
10 Certifications 45 College Credits Job Experience An Exciting Career


  Hear for Yourself

Below are just a few of our many success stories.  Listen to how the Plumbers & Steamfitters Apprenticeship Program has changed their lives and how it can change yours.

Dominick | 3rd Year Apprentice

“Being able to complete the Apprenticeship Program actually gave me the confidence to ask my fiancé to marry me – I felt stable enough in a good career to make the move.”

Raven | 3rd Year Apprentice

“After I got out of college, I realized that I didn’t have a job with financial security. Local 486 Apprenticeship Program gave me a career with skills that will last me a lifetime and allowed me to start a family.”

Jeremy | 5th Year Apprentice

“The pay is great, it’s six figures, the benefits are even better. You only need 3 things, a good attitude, a good work ethic, and show up on time.  We’ll teach you the rest!”

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a superior education program for apprentice plumbers, steamfitters and hvac technicians that integrates technical, on-the-job, and academic training to meet the employment and personnel needs of our contactors, customers, and communities we serve. Continuing education and training opportunities are provided to allow our Journeymen and Women to advance their knowledge and skills—— and to allow for the maintenance of their certifications and licenses. Our curriculum utilizes the most up-to-date technology and techniques available to our industry.

Make the Mechanical Trades Your Career

A career in the mechanical trades has great potential. You will increase your earnings as you gain experience. You will have the confidence that you can make your dreams of a home, a family and a good life a reality.

As someone in the mechanical trades, your work will touch everyone’s life. You are at the heart of the community infrastructure – you make buildings tick. You’ll install domestic water systems, make natural and medical gas connections, and work with direct digital control systems.

Individuals in the mechanical trades are:

  • Commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration professionals
  • Welders
  • Riggers
  • Steamfitters and Plumbers
  • Digital technology masters

    Where will you work?

    During your education and after you successfully complete the Plumbers & Steamfitters Apprenticeship program, you will have jobs in your community or in nearby towns and cities. You are in demand at:

    • Hospitals
    • Stadiums
    • Power plants
    • Office buildings
    • Concert halls
    • Hotels

      If the career fits…

      By 2024, the number of mechanical jobs in the U.S. is projected to be 474,100 – that’s a 15 percent increase over current opportunities!

      How do you become an Apprentice?

      The Plumbers & Steamfitters Apprenticeship program is a FREE five-year program that includes on-the-job training and classroom learning. Candidates must complete an application, pass a simple test and participate in a personal interview.

      “The best part about the program is that it’s free. It’s hands-on experience. You can come in to the program completely green and they will teach you everything you need to know.”

      – Dominick, 3rd Year Apprentice

      Why would you be in this profession?

      • $52.3k+ Now in wages and benefits, while you’re in school, with FREE Tuition.

      • 133k+ in 5 years at graduation

      • Plenty of jobs

      • Graduates Earn

        • 10 certifications

        • 45 college credit for FREE

      • On-the-job training – no experience necessary

      The Plumbers & Steamfitters Apprenticeship Program…
      YOUR Career in the Making