Apprenticeship Programs:

Seaford, DE

Ready to make an arc in your career? The UA 486 apprenticeship program provides you with the opportunity to earn a quality income while gaining the skills and certifications necessary to start your career. Located on the Delmarva Peninsula in Seaford, Delaware we offer the UA Local 486 Plumbers & Steamfitters Apprenticeship Program to the Eastern Shore, and the surrounding areas.

This apprenticeship program will provide training in plumbing, HVACR, gasfitting and more. Not only will you walk away with certifications, and licensing, but you will have real-world experience that any employer would value.

Starting your career in the skilled trades starts today. Fill out an application or contact us for more information. 

26705 Sussex Highway, Seaford, DE 19973

Applications for the 2025/2026 school year will open in November 2024.

Earn these certifications and qualifications:

10 Hour OSHA Certification

10-hour construction outreach course which covers subjects including introduction to OSHA, occupational health/HAZCOM, personal protective equipment, hand and power tools, welding and cutting, electrical, scaffolds, stairways and ladders, trenching and confined spaces, and evacuations.

CPR Certification

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Backflow Certification

The primary purpose of the course is to define, describe and illustrate typical cross-connections and to suggest methods and devices by which they may be eliminated. The course consists of both classroom study and practical application. Upon successful completion of the course, the apprentice is awarded a Completion Certificate and wallet-size card certifying him/her as a “Backflow Prevention Device Tester/Mechanic.” The certification is approved by the Maryland State Board of Plumbing and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

CFC Qualification

The United Association’s CFC program is approved as a Technician Certification Program under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act by the Environmental Protection Association (EPA). A wallet-size card is issued upon successful completion of a closed-book, proctored written exam that covers all of the material specified in 40 CFR Part 82 Subpart F. Exams are administered for Core, Types I, II, III and Universal CFC licenses.

Confined Space Certification

The ability to recognize a confined space and to work in a confined area without injury due to lack of oxygen.

Construction First Aid Certification

Basic first-aid for helping in an emergency situation.

Medical Gas Certification

Installation of piping in medical gas systems is governed by requirements included in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 99) Standard for Health Care Facilities. Certification requires attending a 32-hour (minimum) course, passing a 100-question written/drawing test as well as a horizontal and vertical braze test.

Rigging / Signaling

The purpose of this training is to prevent incidents that result in property damage, injury, and death related to the operation of cranes when used in construction in Maryland.

Comar 09.12.26 and 29CFR1926.1400


UA STAR Certification assures employers that these journeymen have had the training necessary to excel in HVACR Service, Pipefitting, Plumbing, or Sprinkler fitting. The comprehensive UA STAR exam can be taken by apprentices completing their five-year training program, or piping professionals in the field who want to further their careers. 

Successful completion of the UA STAR exam earns applicants 32 hours of college credit toward an Associate’s Degree in Construction Supervision.

Welding Qualification

Welders are tested on the welding processes most commonly used on the majority of construction projects. Our flexible welding program can accommodate the special requirements of contractors. U.A. testing standards exceed National Certified Pipe Welders Bureau (N.C.P.W.B.) specs and are certified by Harford Steam Boiler. It starts with a bend test and finishes with an X-ray. Welders who pass the tests are issued wallet-size photo ID cards, and their names are entered in a national database that is readily available to any union contractor in North America.


Graduates of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Apprenticeship Program will have the following licenses:

Plumbers/Gasfitters License

Licensed to provide plumbing and natural gas services and installations, as well as to ensure the public’s safety by protecting the domestic water supply using the National Standard Plumbing Code.

HVACR License

(Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning-Refrigeration)Licensed to install, repair, service, and maintain heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipmentA 10

Gasfitters License

Licensed to provide natural gas piping installation, repair, service, replace natural gas utilizing equipment and associated accessories. (Fuel Gas Code, N.F.P.A. 54).

Courses of Study

You will complete 1,250 hours in the classroom during your five-year training program and earn 30 free college credits. This time will include completion of the following courses:


Academic Success
Advanced Plan Reading
Advanced Welding
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I/CFC
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration II
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration III
AutoCad I and II
Backflow Prevention
Basic Air Conditioning/CFC
Basic Electricity
Basic Heating and Controls
Builders Level Transit


Fab Shop
Financial Tools
First Aid/CPR
Gas Installations
High Pressure Steam
Industrial Refrigeration
Medical Gas Certification
Natural Gas Code
Oil & Gas Burners
Orbital Welding


Screw Pipe
Shielded Metallic Arc Welding I
Shielded Metallic Arc Welding II
Shielded Metallic Arc Welding II
Soldering & Brazing Tools
Tube Bending/Orbital
UA Star Review
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Variable Refrig. Flow
Water Supply


Confined Space Training
Control Theory
Customer Relations/Sales
Direct Digital Control
DrainageDrainage II/Sand Pit
Drawing I
Drawing II
Electricity I/Arc Flash
Electricity II
Electricity III


Pipe Layout
Plumbing Code
Plumbing Fixtures
Plumbing Lab
Realistic Preview
Related Math
Related Science
Rigging II